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Privacy policy

We only collect the personal data necessary to provide you with the service. For example name and email address.

It is the Technical Committee in the municipality of Umeå that is responsible for personal data processing and the purpose of processing your personal data is for us to process your message and give feedback to you
The legal basis is that the processing is necessary to carry out tasks of public interest.
Your information will be deleted six months after the case was filed, or when you contact us to delete your user.
How your personal data is shared
The personal data that we process will be shared with the personal data assistant Opendatasoft
We may share your personal data with third parties if we are required by law, for example, according to the public access principle.
If you have questions regarding the personal data process, want us to delete your user or want to get in contact with us for some other reason, please contact us at
Your rights
You have the right to obtain information regarding the data we hold about you, request correction and request that the processing be restricted. Depending on the legal basis for processing, you may also have the right to request a transfer, object to the processing or request a deletion.
To do any of this, you can contact the municipality's Data Protection Officer via e-mail, or via letter, Dataskyddsombud, Umeå kommun, 901 84 Umeå
You can read more about your rights and more about what the right to object to the processing means at text)
Complaints regarding our processing of you personal data are submitted to  Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten, which is the supervisory authority.

Public documents

Questions, suggestions and tips that come to the municipality via e-mail or letter are normally public documents. This means that the content is public and that the public and the media have the right to access it, unless it contains something that falls under confidentiality legislation.

Here you can read more about public documents (swedish text)