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Extended protected beach zone

Some areas within Umeå municipality got an extended protected beach zone

The county administrative Board have the possibility to extend the general  protected beach zone for as much as 300 m from the shoreline, both on land and out in the water, if need be to secure any of the purposes of the protected zone.  The shore protection originally Aimed at keeping shore areas available to public recreation and outdoor life. You could say That the shore protection is an extension of the Right to Public Access (Public right). Since, an additional purpose has been added to the shore protection, and the Shore Protection today Also serves as a protection for animals and plants.

In the decision the reason for extending the protected beach zone is described. That information can be found at  Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten.

This data set is based on data obtained from Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten. The processing that has been done is that we have filtered out information for all municipalities except Umeå municipality. We have also chosen to remove the ObjectID and ShapeSTLength fields.

For some of the columns we have clarified the name in the visual presentation to facilitate the understanding of the data.

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