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Results from radon measurements

Measured Radon content in indoor air.

The data set shows the values for radon measurements reported to Umeå municipality. The data set is currently not complete, but work is underway to add more measurements. There may be other measurements that the municipality are not aware of. 

In apartment buildings, measurements may have been taken in several different apartments with different results, but the location of the measurement is linked to the entrance address or property where the measurement was performed.

Radon levels in indoor air vary over the year. The variations are mainly due to changes in outdoor temperature and wind strength. The levels also vary over the day and from room to room. The ventilation system and how often it is ventilated also affects the radon content. Therefore, radon measurements must go on for a long time, at least two months and be carried out during the cold season. Measurements done during a shorter period of time, or outside of the heating season are only indicated. It is important to note that if ventilation is changed, windows are sealed, cracks occur in the ground or if major remodeling is done, a new measurement should be made. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority also recommends that a new measurement be made if it has been more than 10 years since the last measurement was carried out.

The information is constantly updated. Both with single incoming radon measurements and also in connection with annual compiled deliveries from radon laboratories.

Environmental and health protection at Umeå municipality is responsible for the information.

The municipality of Umeå disclaims any responsibility for errors or changes in open data delivered from the municipality of Umeå to the consumer. The municipality of Umeå exempts from any form of liability for damage or other inconvenience that may arise for the consumer as a result of using open data in sequential production or together with other information.

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