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Accounts payable 2018

Information on Umeå municipality's incoming supplier invoices for 2018 are collected in this data set. The data is presented in tabular form and contains invoice month, departmant, supplier, organisation number, account, account text, amount (exkl. VAT) och invoice number. Some data is hidden due to GDPR. No invoice images are presented. The information can be downloaded in file format CSV, JSON and Excel.

We can produce and send invoice copies by mail as desired.

Send your request to

Page 1-9; Free.

Page 10; 50 kr

Page 11--; 2 kr / page

Postage is added. No VAT is charged.

For extracting invoice copies, we need your billing information.

  • Organisation number 
  • Name 
  • Customer reference 
  • Address 
  • Zip code 
  • City 

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