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Building permits - Processing time for building permits, site improvments permits and demolition permits

How long is the processing time for an application of a building permit, site improvment permit or demolition permit? How long does it take for an applicatione to be complete and the start of the processing time?

The statistics shows the processing time, how long it took for the application to be complete and the total time from registration to granted permit in applications regarding building permits, site improvment permits and demolition permits. 

The processing time is measured in days from complete application, not when it was regsiterd, to when the permit was granted. 

The statistics includes cases and descisions from 2013-01-01. Date of complete application is manually registerd and can be missing, cases where date of complete application is missing are excluded from the statistics. 

Only permits granted by the officials is included at the moment, permits granted by the politics in Byggnadsnämnden is not included but will be in time. 

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