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Protected areas, the Birds Directive (Natura 2000, SPA) - Västerbotten

In 1979, EU countries decided to introduce special rules for the protection of birds, the Birds Directive (Directive 79/409 / EEC). The Birds Directive affects a total of 200 species of birds that exist in the Member States. Of these, 66 are in Sweden (see the bird list in the pdf library). Each Member State shall take measures that are necessary to maintain bird species in viable populations (for example, regulate bird hunting) and, in particular, take specific measures for bird species listed in Annex 1 to the Directive. The protection can also be about restoring habitats for the birds. The directive contains several rules governing countries' opportunities to hunt and trade birds.

This amount of data originally comes from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency ( Naturvårdsverket) but we have filtered so only data for Västerbotten is displayed.

If you have any questions about Natura2000, contact the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

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