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Protected beach zone

The protected beach zone is a general area protection by the seaside, lakes, water and islands.  In general this applies to 100 meter inland and equally far into the water from the shoreline, but the protected zone can be extended by special decision up to 300 meters both inland and out of the water. However, beach protection may be removed in an area for a detailed development plan if there have been special reasons. The county administrative board may also have removed the beach protection for an area. There are also areas that are not covered by beach protection due to older regulations.

The boundary of the general beach protection has been delineated according to decision basis from 1979. The shorelines have been digitized on the basis of the GSD Terrain Map (2017). The selection of watercourses has been made on the basis of the geo-referenced map image with the County Administrative Board's decision in 1979 and the Government's decision in 1989. In the documentation, smaller islands in lakes and smaller lakes on islands have not been included, these should be accommodated within the lake / island beach protection boundary of 100 m.

The boundaries specified in this data set should only be seen as indications around the boundaries and not as exact boundaries.

The source of data is Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten.

If you have questions about the data set, please contact:

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